Food with Traceability Info Corner
The corner focuses mainly on agricultural/livestock products and processed foods, reflecting on consumers'persistent needs for health, safety, and security, with producers' commitment to high awareness on food requirements.

"Design the Agriculture Where the Future Lies"
Now is the time that agriculture, the first industry, needs more pride and confidence. It's important for the industry to get the information across to be driven ahead. New approaches to proceed head-on with the future in the first industry are illustrated,

New Product Contest
The Contest is divided into 3 divisions:
(1)Food / (2)Beverage / (3)Kitchen & Dining
It's this contest where many products destined to be the next bit hits are gathered together and visitors can vote for the products they like in each of the divisions.

Kitchen & Dining Event Corner
This is the corner, closely linked with the Kitchen & Dining Goods Contest, proposes the living scene focused on "food". The party scene themed on "Summer Valentine's Day" is featured.