Name The 23rd Gourmet & Dining Style Show Spring 2018
Dates February 7(wed.), 8(thu.), 9(fri.), 2018
●February 7(wed.), 8(thu.) : 10:00AM - 6:00PM
●February 9 (fri.) : 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Venue Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 7
(Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
Organizer Business Guide-Sha, Inc.
2-6-2 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0034, Japan
Phone: +81-3-3847-9853 Fax: +81-3-3843-9850
Show Scale 300 exhibitors with 30,000 visitors
Official Support Forestry and Fisheries / Manufactured Imports and Investment Promotion Organization(MIPRO) / The Japan Direct Marketing Association / Japan Department Store Association / Japan Chain Stores Association / Japan Supermarkets Association / Japan Retailers Association / The All Japan Coffee Association / Japan Millet Association / Japan Tea Association / Japan Specialty Store Association / Tokyo Big Sight, Inc. / Monthly Magazine "Gift PREMIUM"
Special Support Japan Interior Architects/Designers' Association / Food Coordinators Association Japan
Admission Fee Free of Charge (admission is by invitation)
Exhibit Category
Food Product
Agricultural Produce, Marine Produce, Live Stock Produce, Processed Foods, Cakes, Wine and Beverages, Frozen Foods, Delicatessen, Bakery, Desserts, etc.
Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Utensils, Cookware, Tableware (Ceramic, Lacquer Ware, Metallic, etc.), Cutlery, Chopsticks, Wrapping Materials, etc.
Kitchen Equipment, Shop Fittings and Fixtures, Display Signs, Sales Promotion Support Tools, Food Service and Consultancies, Restaurants, Cooking Schools, Publication related to Food Market, etc.